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 Reuse Consulting

Client: A global leader in anaerobic digestion technology affiliated with a renowned U.S. university.

Task: The client was of the opinion that the effluent from their digester had viability as a marketable fertilizer.  Evergreen was tasked with presenting them with facts allowing them to determine whether this was true or false.

Action Taken: Evergreen interviewed >90 farmers, sod growers, and fertilizer companies as to their opinions of the value of the effluent material. It was suggested to interviewees that a trial of the effluent be available for their crops to determine the value of it as a fertilizer and who might be willing to participate. University department heads were also contacted seeking their opinions of the material as well.

Result: After many meetings with the client to discuss various stages of the research, a final analysis was prepared to identify the response of every interview and whether they would willingly participate in a trial of the material.  As a result, the client was able to assess the value of retaining the effluent material or treating it only as a waste.

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