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Cement Manufacturing Clients

Client: A Cement Company with 3 manufacturing facilities in the US

Task: Replace fossil fuel energy sources with low carbon alternatives

Action Taken: Evergreen performed an analysis of individual facilities and their fuel blends and costs. Evergreen's market research identified potential sources of fuel available in

individual markets. Potential sources of fuel materials included RDF, whole and chipped tires, waste oil, and biomass.

Result: Evergreen represented the client in discussions with the Sierra Club. Permit modifications resulted in a 30% reduction in reliance on fossil fuels.


Client: A cement company with US operations

Task: Evergreen was tasked with all aspects of operating alternative fuels and materials program 

Action Taken: Evergreen oversaw volumes of up to 20,000 tons per month of various raw material sources utilized as fuel or raw material substitutes.

Result: Evergreen provided all aspects of permitting, processing, marketing, designing, building, operating and maintaining the alternative fuel asset.

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