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Providing cost-effective business solutions for corporate sustainability mandates

Since 1994 Evergreen Recycling has applied the laws of science, chemistry, and nature to solve the needs of sustainable manufacturing.

Our technical and market expertise offers advantages ranging from evaluation to execution, saving you time and money. 

We can help you meet your zero waste goals and assist in resource conservation by providing you with green materials.


Client Services

Plastic Recycling

ERI's network of facilities extends throughout North America and includes end-users and suppliers working together to find beneficial reuse of byproduct materials.


Logistically manage your material from start to finish utilizing the most cost-effective mode and route whether it's transported by truck, rail or ship.


Evergreen consulting services include zero waste to landfill initiatives, alternative fuels research, and recycling programs for materials historically bound for landfill. Your waste could be processed to become another industry's raw material. Let us show you how.


Conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gases by choosing to channel wastes away from landfills and incineration and into material recovery for a greener end result and one which fulfills zero waste mandates.


Waste Management Consulting

ERI's technical, market expertise and vast experience provide advantages from by-product evaluation to solution execution.

ERI will eliminate risk and future liability for your industry's off-spec and out-of-date products.

Consult with Evergreen's expert team when looking for industry knowledge and unique solutions.






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